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Partner Programs

Join our reseller program and resell ICUSA services to your clients! Anyone is eligible to join this program. As a reseller, you may host your clients web sites without the expense of establishing your own network. The reseller is responsible for the technical support, billing and payment collection from their customers. ICUSA will bill you for the total domains you have ordered from us. You may resell the accounts for any amount you feel appropriate. The more sites we host for your clients, the lower your cost will be. There is great potential for income!

We offer up to a 50% discount for resellers!

Number of Domains Discount
1-4 0
5-9 5%
10-24 10%
25-34 15%
34-49 20%
50-74 25%
75-99 30%
100-150 40%
151-200 45%
200+ 50%

Earn Free Web Hosting Service

For each referral you make, your account will be credited with one monthly fee of any web site hosting plan that your referral purchases from us. The credit will show up on your account 60 days after your referral's account is activated and has been paid in full. You must be a current customer in good standing to take this option. Your referral must indicate your domain name as the "Referral" at the time of signup for you to be credited. There is no limit for the number of referrals you can accrue!