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Some buyers of residential property in the Naples Florida area either plan on renting their property as much as the can, or just for portions for the year, or just for the times when they are not using it. They find rental demand can vary by location, amenities that come with the property, overall value and and other influences. Virtually all residential properties are rentable for the right price, but an owner's rental success can range from zero months to 12 months a year. There is a large demand for rental units, but the supply is even larger.

If you plan on buying a property to rent, you better make sure the community allows rentals. Some communities do not allow owners to rent their property. Most commonly, rentals are limited to 3 or 4 different rentals per year, with a minimum rental period of 30 days. But, it can be much more limited than this, or looser. The more restrictive the rental frequency and rental durations in a community, the more likely owners in the community don't care for rental activity. For example, some communities allow weekly rental. In these cases you'll have many owners that bought to rent, not to reside.

How to Manage and Rent Your Property in Naples
You can do it the easy way by hiring a real estate firm or management company. Fees generally range between 15% to 20% of the rents collected. They find renter, collect rents, prepare contracts, handle maintenance issues, and arrange cleaning between renters. The good news is that it's 99% hands off for the owner and it is professionally managed. The bad news is that your property is one of many other available units in a pool managed by those companies. When it comes to renting, these companies will do the best they can for every property in their pool.

If you decide to rent and manage the unit on your own, don't expect that you are saving the full 15% to 20% management fee. Renters might expect a discount off of normal rental rates when dealing direct with the owner, unless the supply of units is tight. Hiring a company or managing it yourself is a personal preference. It's very common for a renter that enjoyed the property and thought it was a good value, to reserve the same property for the following year.

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