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Cementitious Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting is a technique where a series of 2" holes are drilled through the existing concrete slab and a grout tube is inserted into each hold. Cementitious "slabjack" grout is pumped under pressure through each hole. The grout displaces, compacts and solidifies, thus forming grout columns and or filling void areas, as applicable to each individual job. Pressure grouting stabilizes the existing concrete slab; however, lifting of the slab, if any, is contingent upon integrity of the concrete.

Pressure grouting for stabilization is widely used under pool decks and lanai areas. The interior of a residence may also be stabilized in this manner. Pressure grouting is effective alone or in conjunction with helical piering system applications

Urethane Grouting

Urethane grouting for the purpose of soil stabilization is achieved by installing lengths of galvanized pipe into the soils at specified intervals and injecting urethane soil stabilization grout into the soils. As pumping takes place the pipes are raises, creating a stabilized soil curtain and or pile cap. These stabilized soils create a load bearing substrate.