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Technical Support

Setup FTP For Your Website

If you would like to make changes to your website, you can use a FTP program to transfer your files. If you don't have a FTP program, please go to our downloads section and download WSFTP or CuteFTP.

You only need three settings in order to get your FTP to work correctly. They are:

Click here to see a screenshot of how WSFTP should be setup
Click here to see a screenshot of how Cute FTP should be setup

1) Your URL or Host Name: This is your website address with the letters "ftp" instead of "www." For example, if your web address is, your FTP host name would be:

2) Username: Your username is your web address minus the ".com." For example, if your web address is, your username would be: johndoe

3) Password: Your password will be the one you specified on the sign-up form you filled out.

Please Note: All settings must be typed in lowercase letters and there must be NO spaces.

Once this information is entered you may connect to our server. You will be taken straight to your web directory. You can simply "drag and drop" your files into your web directory in order to make the transfer.